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Field Trip: The Edible Schoolyard
December 13, 2008, 6:59 am
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This past Friday we visited the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley. It was so amazing; I couldn’t believe how invested the students, not to mention the surrounding community was in the effort to promote organic living and sustainability. It is so important to teach the value of food to the next generation, especially in a time where fast food chains are a staple in many children’s diets. I was blown away at how engaged the students were, and how natural it was for them to work in the garden. It relieved them of stress and anxiety, while giving them a moment to be out in nature and experience the responsibility of nurturing things to life. It was a wonderful way to also gain community involvement. The volunteer’s all seemed very invested and very willing to work with the students, at a very rough age might I add as well.

      I was especially impressed with the kitchen and how the students were able to harvest the food they grew, and learn how to cook it in a communal way. I really felt the sense of community and organic solidarity just watching the kids in their last few minutes of clean up.  I think that it is so beneficial that they teach this collective living at a young age, especially when this “family atmosphere” has been diminished with the growing popularity of T.V dinners and fast food.

      The second half of the trip, when we went to the sour kraut kitchen, I thought it was really interesting to learn the process of pickling. I had never seen or experienced anything quite like that except for the wine fermenting process I witness all the time back home. I was really interested especially in the kombucha. I didn’t have a chance to really ask much information about the benefits of the tea and what makes it naturally carbonated, but I have heard many nutritionists in the past rave about how important it is and how it is the “magical healer”. I would really be interested in learning more about that and other teas that have a positive benefit on the body.

      Overall I had a really good time on the trip and though I feel as if I didn’t learn as much factual knowledge at the Eatable Schoolyard, I really got to feel what a community garden felt like with everyone working harmoniously together. I loved it and I believe that we can create that atmosphere within our own garden if we can get all the people who are interested actually involved.

-Lily Post

For more information on The Edible Schoolyard please visit  


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