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Community Meeting Notes (10/27/08)
November 6, 2008, 7:16 pm
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What the Garden Project has been up to:

-groups (compost, canning, orchard, plastiki, mushrooms, vegetable stand, etc.)

-garden philosophy sections in the garden (no-till, permaculture, French intensive, etc.)


What are we going to do with the food?

We’ve thought about donating some of our crops to non-profits like

1)Food Not Bombs

2) Haight Ashbury Food Program

(The vote for this issue has been postponed until we see the quantity of our harvest)


Farmer’s Market

How much food will go to the USF farmer’s market stand and how much will be donated?

-We don’t need to sell vegetables for funds, because we are funded by the school

-It was suggested that whatever produce isn’t sold at the market could be donated or perhaps we could donate the money made from the market


It was suggested that we should give sustenance to the people who work in the garden with perhaps community dinners.


Would have the quantity of produce  needed to complete all the projects previously mentioned?

-members of last year’s Garden Project said that they had so much excess produce

-also it was suggested that we set a limit on picking (such as pick until this day, and then donate whatever is left)

-plus perhaps we can work with Bon Appétit and combine our excess for Food Not Bombs


A short-term plan mentioned was a Back to da Roots and Garden Project dinner


The lack of awareness of the organic garden on campus was also mentioned.


Talk about Garden Design

-a spot designated to last year’s G.P. (and the community?) behind the bulletin board by the pathway

-need to designate a community member to lead it


Suggestions on growing:

-mushrooms (Sporriors)

-perennials in permaculture


New Community Members

-Welcome to the Garden

-How can we help you get involved?

-suggestion of a staff orientation


Red tape on livestock initiative (although chickens are okay)



-hang yellow tape on hanging wires

-maintain pathways and brickwork

-perhaps a staircase to counter the slippery hillside

-wood furniture needs preservative

-fix the mosaic on the shed (also perhaps paint the shade something less glaring than white)

-trim trees

-suggestion of using the mystery garden for the community and developed portion for G.P. students

-garden etiquette (designate someone for trash duty)


A better time for the community meetings?

-some people suggested off campus or weekend times

-Community can check the G.P. blog to stay connected


Mention Plastiki boat

-Coordination on campus Thursday Nov. 6th at 4pm (can be found in USF Connect)




Community Meetings- last Tuesday of every month


Work Day- November 8, 2008 (10am-2pm with lunch provided)

Hope to see you there!


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