USF Garden Project

Dearborn Community Garden
March 6, 2008, 12:06 am
Filed under: Activities, organic gardening

First I like to say that I’m really pleased that I had a chance to meet someone that has published a book before. That was the closest I’ve ever been to meeting someone famous. Maybe she’s not but, she has been published and is a very smart lady, and I really admire that about her. The famous Pam Peirce, at lease through me eyes.

I really liked it that she started it off with her young childhood, she mentioned that she grew up gardening. She also mentioned that she had accomplished many things, which was very impressive. The one thing that really stuck out was that she mentioned she had a vision and after that vision she set out to accomplish it or make something happen with the community. She mentioned that people need to come together and talk about the vision, and then organize it. Seems like we are in that stage of in visioning our garden our community and trying to make something out of it. We are doing everything that she has followed.

She gave us a lot of history with the organizations she worked with and what role she played in them. Another interesting statement she pointed out was that when people make a community and there are people in charge or maybe a president and it comes the time to elect a new president, it’s not always the best choice to put someone in charge from within the group. I thought that was pretty interesting because people always seem to think this way and probably it has to deal with a comfort. I learned that communities are hard to establish and to maintain. I also learned that the longest day of the year is June twenty-first. But the best time for plants to grow in San Francisco is during the month of September. Fun Facts, and the garden was very beautifully divided.
-Valeria Vital


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